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A Brief

There are different types of Visa with two main categories:
1. Immigrant Visa
2. Non Immigrant Visa


H1B is a non immigration visa leading to Green Card for temporary resident based on employment mostly for one year, two year or three year, which is renewable. Candidates need to face interview at Embassy there is quota for yearly intake under H1B visa. Spouse of H1B visa holder can apply for visa they can come under dependent H4 category.

EB 5

EB 5 is Immigrant visa under investor visa programs. It is also known as EB -5 program leading to Green Card. Applicants can invest in new commercial enterprise or regional center.
The new commercial enterprise should create at least 10 jobs for US workers within 2 years.
Investors need minimum qualifying investment of USD $ 1 million or USD $ 500,000 for target employment area.
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best visa consultancy in kurukshetra