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A Brief

European common borders bring lot of benefits and economic well being. At present 26 countries are part of the Schengen agreement – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithunia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Europe Universities are ranked above among all the world-wide universities.

Italy is a beautiful country located in Southwestern Europe, on the Apennine peninsula. The country comprises of the mainland Italy and the surrounding islands. The country stretches southwards almost to the coasts of North Africa.

Italy is a popular destination for international students, offering quality higher education, highly-ranked universities and more affordable tuition fees than many other Western European countries. For these reasons, many internationals choose to study abroad in Italy.

There are around 32,000 international students in Italy, including independent students and those on exchange programmes. Italy was one of the 4 countries to first implement the Bologna Process, a higher education reform that’s now being implemented throughout Europe. The country has a rich history and tradition of higher education and great intellectuals, which makes Italy a very attractive option for international students.

Benefits of Studying In Europe

▦   There are various types of programs in each country. Some universities, colleges and institutes offer both paid and unpaid internship.
▦   Variety of scholarships available for students.
▦   Wide range of programs taught in English language available for international student.

Admission Process for Europe

The Admission process throughout Europe varies greatly from country to country. There are some countries which accept students without IELTS while some other require minimum 6.0 bands in overall.
For Admissions in Undergraduate Programs like Diploma, Advance Diploma and Bachelors:
▦   Good Academic records in previous qualification.
▦   Higher Secondary mark sheet/12 Grade mark sheet with good score.
▦   WITHOUT IELTS OR IELTS Score of overall 5 to 6 bands.

Student Visa Process for Europe

Documents required for Europe Student Visa
▦   Passport copy.
▦   Offer letter / enrolment letter from college/university.
▦   Photograph white background.
▦   Proof that one can be stable financially.
▦   The travel medical insurance policy has to cover expenses up to 30,000 Euros.

You want to know

Schengen visa allows free travels to its holder within the whole Schengen. At present there are 26+ countries where you can move freely with this visa. Once you have valid visa you can travel freely across the Schengen area for the authorized period.
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